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• Sweet • | by T-Pain
(Deluxe Edition/iTunes Bonus Track)

We been in this situation
Like once or twice
Before now
And I liked it
Cause you liked it
Sweet anticipation
So very nice
But how
Do we fight it
No fight it
What we feel is so natural
We pretty much have to
Go with the flow
The flow
Of your body
We can do whatever you
Wanna do tonight
Somehow I know what it is
And I'm so excited

(Chorus 1:)
Cause if I do it
To you
Then you gotta do it
To me
And if we do what I think we gunna do
Shawty that will be f**kin sweet
He ha he
And baby you know it
You know you know it
I know you know it

Let me do you your? -tation
I know everything
There is to know
And I will be delighted
To ride it yeah
Bottom line your just the greatest
Have you ever heard
Of a love T.K.O
Well girl your mike tyson
And I like it
And I must be psychic
Cause I knew what you were gunna do
Right before you did it
Right when I got in it
I was free
But I'm a be quiet
You know I love making love to you
It's like a new dimension
When you get to kissing
On me

(Chorus 2:)
Cause you know if I do it
To you
You know you gotta do it
To me
And if we do it I think were gunna do
Baby that will be f**kin sweet
And I know you know it
You know it
I know you know it

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