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• Close • | by Tank
Baby it's been a while
Cuz I don't sleep around
I'm choosey bout who
I give my love to
Don't wanna disappoint ya
Cuz I been sayin
How much I want you
Feels first, one like I'm real sure

I'm so close (I'm so close and I)
I can feel it (feel it, oh)
I'm so close (i'm so close)
I can feel it ( feel it ummm)

Started on the telephone
Promisin' all night long
Didn't know what I was
Gettin myself into
Up and down
Back and Forth
Slow down and give me more
Tryin to fight it, but
I don't think it's right to

I'm so close (ooh yeah)
I can feel it (said I can feel it)
I'm so close (oooh)
I can feel it

Body's touchin'
Then we kissin'
Holdin tight
Sweat dripping
I can feel you all over me
Heart racing
Your running
I'm coming
Can't fight it

I'm so close
I can feel it ( I can fight it, no)
I'm so close
I can feel it

I'm close
I'm close
I'm close
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