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• I Still Believe • | by Tank
Ooh oh yeah,
Can I get something off my chest

Ooh Um hmm
Every now and then I think of all the times we shared
Your the only one who lets me know you really care
I miss you more and more and day by day it's hard to see
Just how you love me so and everything you gave to me

I still believe, I believe in you and me
And that one day we will be together
And I know it sounds strange to you
But I never moved on cause my heart wouldn't let you go
Until I let you know I still believe.

I can barely remember the time
The time we were caught in the rain
How you took my hand and you said I have things to say
It's the little things that makes me stronger everyday
I don't know if you hear me somewhere I hope your listening.


Your the only one (be the only one)
Who shined a light into my life.
Took me from where I was and
Lead me toward what was right.

(chorus until fade)
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