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• Good News • | by The Rocket Summer
Please mister spare some change
For a poor broken man in need
Iím sick and dying walking barefoot
Please just buy me a drink

The truth is that Iíd like to die
But I fear of where I could go, if thatís real
ĎCause take a look; Iím so drunk, stupid, and worthless
For some Jesus you feel, if thatís real

So let me get this straight
Cause I have a question
Youíre saying heíd listen if I were to speak
Yes thatís what Iím saying, in fact I was just thinking
Heís probably thinking of asking you the same very thing
He wants to say ďyouíre okay, be my friend
Let me help you and take you out of this lake that you are clearly drowning in
Make me yours and Iíll make your mineĒ

So hey, listen up friends
Good news is coming,
Soon is the end of all the worldís troubles
And all of it's sin.
I said hey, listen up friends
Oh, good news it coming,
Soon is the end of all the worldís troubles
And all of itís sin
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