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• Run To You • | by Third Day
I was tired of waitin
Playin all the games and
Livin in a place that was not for me
So I thought it was time
For me to get whats mine
And to do it all everything I dreamed
What I thought was the best of me turned to be
All the worst I could find

(Chorus: x2)
If I run to you will you hold me in your arms forever more

Now I got a feelin that I gotta leave and
Find a way back to where I came form
Thoguh I don't deserve it I know it's unheard but
Living here without you my life is done
I confess that I shouldnt have run from you
Now I know I was wrong

(chorus x2)

Nowhere to run to and no one to turn to I'm dyin out here on my own
Long before I even thoguht of returning your arms are wide open
Waiting for me to come
Home (x2)

(chorus x3)

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on 1 September 2008

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