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• Kinna Right • | by Tyrese
I ain't never been the type to trip, but I guess I never had a night like this,
when someone walked into a crowded room, and danced round and shut it down, she
left me so confused. Now I know just what I'm here to do. The situation turned
to me and you,yeah and if you let me be the one you're with I'll be the one to
care for you whenever you need it

Can we chill tonight cause you looking kinna right, Girl yo body's tight, it's
feeling kinna right for sho you know, that money can't buy a honey so tight,
Girl kinna right tonight,Cause you looking kinna right Whatcha doing to me is
feelin kinna right for sure you know, Im going to keep it real. The bootys on
my mind, Girl you kinna right tonight, Girl you kinna right tonight

I've been wit a few girls before you, but I can't remember them anymore, cause
ever since you came around my way and spent some time it blew my mind, I'm
caught up on you baby now there's no one else for me but you and there's so
many things that we gotta do, and I'm gonna be what you need me to be, Girl
I'll ride for you if you want me to Anytime you got to get to the mall, girl
you know that you can call, cause you're everything I waited for yeah you're
everything I need and more


OOh how you gonna wear a dress like that tonight you know it ain't right and
ooh you makin it kinna hard for me concentrate It's more than I can handle I
can't wait to feel yo body next to me So I'mma take this night you're here with
me to do the things we came here to do


Girl you kinna right, You body kinna tight, your navel just right 2x
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