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• Two Type of Bitches • | by UGK feat. Dizzee Rascal and Pimpin' Ken
(Bun B:)
Well it's big Bun Beeda I built the track
With girls with tens and the bitches back
It ain't nowhere fans a bunch with these sluts
Just shake your butts and bring back that stack (stack)
The mack is back and he's sittin on chrome
With a piece of chain or Herringbone or nugget (nugget)
That don't mean him a real live hoe
You ain't ready to roll then go on then, fuck it
Out them ducats, hoes better recognize
Niggaz better recollect, Bun finna regulate
I hit yo' town (what) find me a hoe stroll
Leave that bitch dry and head to another state (hold up)
Me and my brother can't wait when it come to the red
Cause we about that cash, cash
So if we can't convince ya we'll take your sister
Hit the highway and mash

(Chorus: Bun B)
You got, bitches that will and you got bitches that won't
Man you got, bitches that do and you got bitches that don't
Man you got, bitches that can and you got bitches that cain't
You got bitches that know they are and bitches know that they ain't
No down bitch

(Pimp C:)
Some girls suck, some don't dare
Some girls fuck, some don't care
I like the girl with the pussy hair
My partner Mike Mo like the pussy bare
Some girls scream, some girls moan
Swang Big Dick, swang Sweet Jones
Go and get the myth out the cobra head
Girl got down you niggaz scared
I got a young yellow bitch, I'ma sing it loud
With a four-inch corner of jet-mink hair
Between her legs is where it great
And get the money out the nigga when she go on a date
I stay caked up, rocked up
Magnum rubbers stay socked up
I ain't tryin to get the wet dick
Hold my good but she ain't that slick
I know you want this high-dollar cum
Bitch know I got money, wanna get her some
Bitch you must, done lost your mind
The trick's niggaz over there, you better get on the grind


(Dizzee Rascal:)
Bitches not flexin ain't much good
I should and I would keep clear if I could
But when I do I just CAWN'T get away
Cause I gotta fuck all day every day
That leaves me run loco for real
All these chickenheads lie about deal
Ain't gotta do it up to make me chill
Find a good spot on the floor and kneel!
Know that my heart's in between my fires
Though I can't take when they look in my eyes
Lookin for love that's no surprise
Comin up off, that's family ties
Then I hit it from the back, all the way
Slap that back and just lock cross say
Not freeze out without no delay
Girls in the chat, I ain't got shit to say


(LOOOONG Outro of Pimpin' Ken ad libs)
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