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• Underground Kingz • | by UGK
King king, nigga I risked everythang to be a underground king
Underground king, I sacrificed everythang to be a underground king
King, nigga I risked everythang to be a undergound king
Underground king, and nigga I'll kill everything to stay a underground king

(Bun B:)
Honor respect, valor and nuts
You best to come with all fo', when you come up against us
You can scream yell cuss, catch a bit of throw tantrum
It don't matter, cause a victory you gon hand em
No Phantom, slabs and 4's
Money pimps coming through, so nigga grab your hoes
Trying to sip some'ing too, so nigga pass the purp'
We bout to beat your avenue, getting cash and work
It's been a long time, long grind long mash
Now it's long shine, long pine long cash
Tapping ash, out the Cadillac window
While I'm tapping ass, leaning back smoking some endo
Ain't no need to pretend hoe, you know what the real
You know who the truth, when they in the booth you know who the trill
So f**k how you feel, we make you pay by the pound
Recognize when you f**king around, with that underground


(Pimp C:)
It was 1984, I heard Run rapping bout
Larry Laugh Caddy, wanting to break a bitch cot
22 years later, and the block belong to me
Underground King for life, young Pimp C
Put my first record out, at the age of 16
Rapping bout moving work, candy painted symphony
We was the first niggaz, talking bout wood wheel
Made up the word, that's why I'm so trill
Now everybody, wanna bite my swagger
Roll like a stone, like my name Mick Jagger
Say it befo', had to tell you hoes again
Run a drum machine, like my name Roger Men
Write the rhyme do the beat, the hook and the mix
Records don't sell, I'm back to selling bricks
I went gold, but never sold my soul to bang
And bitch I'll hit you with that thang, I'm a Underground King


(Bun B:)
Cross the line, nigga push my button
And you gon die in the very spot, that you thought you wasn't
And you gon look in the eyes, of the man you thought you were better than
T-R-I double L, that's with capital letters man
The Pimp and the Bun, Bobby U.N. and J.R.
Big Dick Cheney, and Tony Snow you know who they are
We the best than the rest, getting head for the showers
F**king cowards get out the way, cause the rap game's our's

(Pimp C:)
Y'all niggaz, better reco'
That you ain't gotta like me, but you gon respect me hoe
17 years, I been rapping with that Bun
F**k the fame want the change, it's been fun
The up's and the down's, the crying and the smiling
F**k what you heard, UGK is a island
Away from you niggaz, but we still solid land
Sharks swimming in the water, put your nuts in the sand pussy nigga

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