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• Ah Ha • | by Under the Influence of Giants
Nice to meet you, i'm losing my head
Not my future, not even my bed
You're the human I came here to see
Not to mention, It got back to to me
Got me thinking, thats all I can say
Little moment the faintest of day
Thought you told me I got what it takes
Got me thinking its all I can say

Ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha, ah-ha
Look what i found, ah-ha
Can't get around, ah-ha
Look what I found, ah-ha
Can't get around(No)

I can confess that I'm going to fast
Maybe this time i'll be sure to last
If you cross me I'll promise you'll see
I'm a lotus eventually
Should have warned you which way I would go
Took me years just to flow like I flow
Give me progress that can't be delayed
Got me thinking that's all I can say

(chorus x2)
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