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• Love You Gently • | by Usher
Now baby listen to me when I tell you that I ain't a perfect man. can't keep listening to the whispering that's coming from ya friends. I recognize that my past is bad but let's get past the past, anybody that's haitin can get the skatin with no hesitation no no tell them just to get gone they could never keep a man so they owuldnt understand that's why they alone baby let it go I'm just letting you know they never see for themselves but they always wanna help that's why they just act echo

No need to listen to the hatas and liars and wat your friends say everything that they speaking they just repeatin and they echo echo echo they hear them rumors and they echo echo but they don't know wat they be talkin bout think I been cheatin somebody saw me creepin on da weekend oh oh no I did my confessions a long time ago but they echo echo they hear them rumors and they echo echo don't listen to them

I don't care wat they talking bout we can work it out (no problem) anything that you ever wanted (who got it) everything you ever needed (I found it) don't want it? no problem mama just let it go. cause they don't know about this here
I understand that ya girlfriends talk but all they do is talk as a matter of fact I remember back when I knew tiffany at the mall she hollered I neva called now I know I know that's ya partner but she want me too


Girlfriends lovin the way I do what I do I met her long ago but shes mad now cause I'm with you ain't no need listen now cause babay it ain't the truth tell her she should let it go cause they only rumors

(chorus x2)
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 # 1 | ken:

The name of this is called "Echo" not "Love You Gently"
on 2 June 2008

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