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• Precious • | by Van Hunt
Tonight, you have no worries with me here
Mt time is as free as your tears
Let them rise with the wind and fall
On me tonight
You have no worries
No worries tonight
Remember the woman who locked herself into a lonely room
'Cause she thought that she had no one to
Make her feel like nothing less than a precious jewel
(But you know that you are)

Precious as the morning sun
Precious as the deep blue sea
Baby you know you're the one
Most precious to me

You are the one I'd bet my love on
For my faith I have nothing to show
But a wonderful taste in my mouth from loving you

Remember the man who selfishly gave to a chosen few
'Cause he thought the world owed him something too
To make him feel like something more than a simple fool
(And you made me feel)

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