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• Control • | by VNV Nation
Until I should die, until I should break,
Not a god, not a devil my soul shall take.
If I should lie to betray myself,
Then I would damn myself, and my soul forsake.

I don't want fifteen minutes want a whole lot more,
Don't want to suffer the fools and the spoils of war.
I don't want fifteen minutes, or a reason why.
I want a stainless steel road stretching off to the sky.

I don't need sentiment, want, or hate on my mind
No crimes of passion or obsessions in kind.
No walls, restraints, or momentary thrill,
No blood on my hands, No time to kill

I want my Body,
I want my Soul,
Make the switch to automatic, I want Control.
I want Control (x3)

If I should give in, if I should turn away
Not a god, not a devil my soul could save.
I want more body, I want more soul.
Make the switch to automatic, I want Control
I want Control (x6)
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