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• Focused • | by Wale feat. Kid Cudi
(Kid Cudi:)
Shawty, no joking
And Iím hoping, if not slowing
Gotta just keep on rolliní

Iím joking (homeboy moving fast)
And Iím hoping (praying that I donít crash)
(All I know is) Iím not slowing
Gotta just keep on rolling
Gotta keep at it, gotta stay focused

Moving fast
And Iím hoping, praying I donít crash
All I know is Iím not slowing
Gotta just keep on rolling
Gotta keep at it, gotta stay focused

(Verse 1: Wale)
Pulling up once, Iímma lit mine up
Fill up the plug, let me light my blunt
And I donít really know what the fucks in my cup
But a couple shots of it got a nigga unstuck
Iím just here to have a good time
A lil white chick, a lil white wine
Outta town, spent a couple nights at chows
Smoking weed in the suites, til we out of towels
And donít bother me, high shit for my broccoli
Fly shit for no goddamn reason and Yaíll aight but yíall not like me
Itís MMG and that's my clique
That's BOA see that's my set
MY CDG shit match my kicks
An apostrophe Iím behind that S
Or that Black beemer, black to pick me up
Back wood, the tree Iím ashing out?, Iím kickin my raps good
With or without sales Iím killing these blackheads my rap is Noxema
Haha, light it up for a nigga, one or two hoes ain't enough for a nigga
One or two bottles ain't enough for a nigga
Redberry everywhere got Puff gettiníjealous


(Verse 2: Wale)
One night love, Iímma need that
He could own that, shawty, Iíma lease that
Iíma put you in the game where your kicks at
Iímma sign that work and release that
I donít be where the crowds or police at
I just be where the cash and the freaks at
Smoking Green Bay nigga, Iím a cheesehead
In a Lambo, see me with the Gís at
$10K in my camos, word. 10 Js and I canít move
Shades.. LV was a little dough
Going hard for the days I was piss poor
And go hard cause I feel itís only right to
Maybach. G.O.O.D music, the right move
Girls say everything that I write smooth
Fuck rap, Iím getting pussy off of Haiku
One time for the girls with the right shoes
Fuckin with a dude probably the right move
Two times for the chicks with the right back
If itís right tonight, I might bite that
3 times, show me your peace sign
Not with your hand girl, open your knees out!
Look, money will leap out, tuntin when we out
Double MG, OUT!

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