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• Very Kind • | by Will Young
You run, you run
But this ain't living
You wish you could go back
And begin it all over
But it's over
You fight, you fight
You just keep saying
You'll feel better come sooner or later
In no time
It's been a long time

You still got made to turn it
You still got made to lift you up

You got wings
But you can't fly
You got so much pain inside
You're very kind
In your dreams you're so high
But you don't live that in your life
You're very kind
You're so kind

You do, you do
You love me baby
I can't fight when you leave me lazy
With your doubts, your doubts

You try and you try
And there's no winner
You give, give more
But it just gets harder
In your mind
We all try

You still got time to turn it
You still got made to lift you up

(Repeat Chorus)

You believe you're not good enough
It fills your mind
It's in the way of you and I
I'd say a thousand times
I know you're one of a kind
You're so kind

(Repeat Chorus x2)

You got wings
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