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• Your Game • | by Will Young
I see you floating it constantly
You're making mee feel like you and
I could be real
But then you're flipping the game
You walk you turn your bak baby
Stop treading on me

Coz I'm mystified
And you I've tried
I just can't get through to you

What you gonna do
I don't know
What you gonna say
I ain't sure
Always the same
Every day
played my mind
I can't keep waisting my time
On your game

Ain't no doubt about it x4

I've taken all that I can
I've given to you my all
But you don't seem to respond
Oh I can't stand all this waiting
Cos my patiance is fading pretty
Soon I'll be gone

Lets rectify it
You can't deny it
The way you feel for me
Tell me

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