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• Bitch Ass Niggaz • | by Xzibit
Lemme explain to ye why niggaz act like bitches

See, cuz a bitch won't what?
I ain't talking about a woman
I ain't talking about a lady
Or you motherfuckas listening to the album, like,
"Why you always gotta say 'bitch'?"

Cuz you females can see it yourself
There are bitches out there
Like there's punk ass nigga
There's bitch ass niggaz
And there's men

There's ladies
There's hoes
There's women
And there's bitches

Niggaz act like bitch ass niggaz
Cuz they want to jock the nigga that got it going on
Just like a stanky bitch!

A bitch ass nigga is a male ho!
That nigga's backstage
Knocking at the door,
"Can I get in for free?"
No, bitch! You ain't got no pussy!

Bitch ass nigga, what you serving in this equation?
One plus one equal two
That will never happen with me and you.
Bitch ass nigga

Bitch ass niggaz will come to your door
And knock and say,
"Remember me?"
No, nigga, I don't remebmer you
Cuz when I was creating me you told me I would never be me
Not if I am

Here your motherfucking bitch ass is
Saying, "Can I take a free ride"
Fuck you, and your momma for fucking your daddy and having your ignorant bitch

That's a bitch ass nigga
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