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• Sex Therapy 101 (Skit) • | by Ying Yang Twins
(Radio Host)
Good evening ladies welcome out to sex therapy 101 I am your doctor Chris Coleman here and we are going to do the three basic elements of sexually gradification today and what were talking about is three simple questions and I am going to pose question number 1 right now first questions How do you like to be approached by a man?

(First lady)
I like for a man to to step up to me with swagger know what you want and take control with me fuck the dumb shit need a nigger who knows what he's doing because I ain't trying to teach no nigger

(Second lady)
I like a nigger rocking some Tims a white tee a fatigue hat with that confidence that making his way over to me like I'm the only one in the room Oh and don't come at me with those played out lines Whats your sign? What you mixed with? if you honesty want me act like it come with some orginality and at that right moment if you tell me the right thing and touch me the right way you got me

(Third lady)
See baby lots of people don't realize this about me but I likes a freak I like a motherfucker whos sharp got his shit together who knows I'm the one he wants you know to look at me dead in my eyes grab my hand on the sly step to me and sniff my urban essense put his lips up to my ear and whisper exactly what he wants from me
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