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• Sex Therapy 103 (Skit) • | by Ying Yang Twins
(Radio host)
Ladies I'm just so impressed with you guys today progress is really being made now we getting ready to switch gears on the third question and this is What gets you in the mood for sex?

(First lady)
Its all about the four play and four play is an all day event: phone sex, emails whatever just some shit that makes me want you that much more when I get home from work and step in the door Lights Out candles burning with some Jodcei Diary of a mad band rub me down all the way down tease me, bite me suck me.

(Second lady)
I'm like a motor in the winter you got to get me warmed up before you get me started tongue touching, body rubbing and when we take it there don't be afraid to taste both these lips

(Third lady)
I can't speak for them young girls but oh... we can do it anywhere in the car, on the lawn, befor dawn under the moon at the beach as long as its sweet little candle light something soft and sexy in the background you know a little Keith Sweat something that gots that boom in it
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