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• They Don't Really Know Bout Dro • | by Young Dro
They don't really know about
They don't really know about DRO
Niggaz swear they know about DRO
But They Say they smokin that DRO
(man these niggaz playin)
They don't really know about
They don't really know about DRO

(Verse 1:)
Niggaz try stoppin me fulfill em like a prophecy. y dem hoes watchin me and y dem hoes jockin me. Feds try 2 rocket me and know me off properly. I was on a robbery my gat sung operaly. 500 dolla bill teach em bout monopoly. mansion wit da bed in it models stay on top of me. niggaz tried droppin me the slugs bounced off of me. Heard a nigga ??? the judge still walkin me. hoes get chunked doe bitchez cant talk to me. Catch a nigga crossin me they gotta get the law fa me. 26 possibly I sang to em gospely ima die awesomly wit grands on da top of me. mockin me ill turn ya chest in da ???. everythang mafia growin up got a g. 4 15's in da trunk I gotta lot of em how could these niggaz be dro they don't know how to be DRO

(Chorus x2:)
NIggaz swear they know about DRO
But they say they smokin that DRO
They don't really know about
They don't really know about DRO

(Verse 2:)
First I let my chain glow yall know how that thang go put them colors in my rim now I'm ridin rainbow hood nigga fuck da mold I met charlie trango orange daytona my and country ridin mango umbrellas pop out the phantom do when it rain doe pull up dead fresh like a coffin but I ain't layin doe niggaz say I'm fire wit da rappin but I can sang doe what u know bout high tower ridge and delbar lane doe tech bust out when I'm bustin but I can aim doe make a hundred thou if u touch it u get yo bain broke m&m reagal tha fuck iz u in my lane 4 beleive me u don't see these pumas and what they made 4 water paint chevy lil buddys say look at my rain car 800 benz lil color this ain't the same car pain jar, aim far hurry home ranga I was sellin doe b4 teachas was sellin raindrops DRO

(Chorus x2)

(Verse 3:)
U can smell me, sell me ail me, nigga come shawt on a gram u gotta scare me young dro 4 seasons wit ball head ??? right by auntie rachel wit tv ??? yall ride 24 I ride february 28 inches try ta jake me u get buried 12 gauge shell heat I curl em like a ??? pop a nigga tooth out his mouth 4 da tooth fairy baskin robin paint on da chevy my whip dairy feed to veat shawty man we do them thangs err week last week my cutlass was blue but it change err week I be in da club brand new in that thang err week hataz n da club I shoot 2 of them lames err week yall gay very iz nuthin u can tell me pull up in the pearl v they be like how tha hell he sittin up in a phantom on sumin eatin some whale meat DRO

(Chorus x2)
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