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• Get Ya Mind Right • | by Young Jeezy
I'm the realest nigga in it ya already know
Got trap of tha year 4 times in a row. and what they give ya?
Lifetime supply baking soda clientel, a rolly watch 2 pots and three cells.
Can get about 30 in the Hummer the birds fly down south to Georgia for the summer.
Money, hoes, cars clothes, coke prices up and down like 64's
Just cuz im fly like a helicopter the federalies on my tail call them bird watchers
Minus the bullshit life's great just got a camera on the peach in my license plate

(Chorus: x2)
What it do what the bidness is word on the street Jeezy know how to handle his
Bitch get your mind right let me talk to ya Bitch get your mind right let me talk to ya

It's not a trick question, yea i'm strapped bitch
also ripped nigga, you can miss me with that rap shit
rapping ass nigga u better do numbers
i ain't gotta rap, imma do numbers
a big shoot out on the highway,
Jeezy hangin out the coupe lettin em ride sideways
a straight g nigga don't tempt me
i'll lend you the whole clip till the shit empty
big stacks yea i got that
thats why i cop that crys by the six pack
got the fed lines ringin like a telethon
Snitches want me locked up like Akon


Jezzy a rider, Jeezy a motha fuckin fool,
Dont' approach em like that, you and Jeezy aint' cool
Jeezy a Gangsta, he roll with the real g's, and if he smokin best believe its real trees, from LA straight kush, presidential shit, call it Georget Bush
Every day is like a game,call it fear factor
got a truck full of bricks like a contractor
Seen niggas leave here, they aint' comin back
left em slumped on the grain in his cadillac.
Jimmy crack corn, jeezy flip o's
i just stick to the script, y'all niggas hoes

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