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• Last of a Dying Breed • | by Young Jeezy feat. Trick Daddy & Young Buck
[Verse 1 "Trick Daddy"]
Welcome to the life of a young thug -----
Only hang out with them criminals and drug dealers
Or from even where the dead die
But try and do it big like the kid from ???
I see death around the corner
And I aint scared, I got a carbon 15, and i'm fully prepaired
Lord have mercy, 20 rounds in the clip
Out of line, get 20 rounds in the hip
Shoot first and ask questions later
The answer is, it was all about the paper
Everything to gain and ---- to lose
And a new 45 that im dieing to use

If you willed like me
Throw your hoods in the air
So the whole wide world can see
Last of a dieing breed (3x)
And If you willed like me
Keep that thing on your hip
Thats just the way that it's got to be
Last of a dieing breed (3x)

[Verse 2 "Young buck"]
I done seen -----s come and go
---- the whole world done seen what ive done before
We do anything when the funds is low
I'm the reason out of towners to come no more
Let me show you -----s how to break down the whole thing
My ----- BG know buck been a birdman
It's got to be in your blood to be a thug
If i aint making enough im going to jack my blood
We was born in it, not sworn it
You can go against it or you can go on with it
Made my mark so the streets going to remember me
Now come and get it -----
Cash real, 10 a Ki


[Verse 2 "Trick Daddy]
Some of the dudes we thought was real OG's, was ob's
Cuz they talked plea's, and included g's like you and me
The first step was going to set up a trap
So in a short period, they convinced the jury to allow phone taps
And if they listening, not once do they here us mentioning
Murder on a cocaine distributing
Knew all them dividens coming in
I'm strict legit, and better yet we to smart for your bull----
Calling all cars, hit your brother along
And tell him to hurry up and come, them -----s got guns
Man down, shots fired
Only ---- -----s and cops died
first days of a riot
And them ----s couldnt sneak by us
Oh you want to witness some ----
Fine -----, be quiet
Cuz they only got what you tell them
And only witness that they had, the ----- was laying there dead
Shot in the street all red, with 2 shots to his head
Cuz he was working for the feds
And the last informant, informed us
They headed out for us, for a bird that he got popped for
So ride or die for him, better yet you better kill him
Because I think hes going to be the ----- to tell them
He probably already told them
But then again without a witness them -----es aint got ----

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