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• Streets On Lock • | by Young Jeezy
(Verse 1:)
These Niggas Jus Hatin They Aint Talkin Bout Shyt(Shyt)
Ima Grown Azz Man I Flip My Own Bricks(Eyy)
I Dont Need Yo Help I Can Own My Own Dick(Haha)
Aint No Muthafucka Help Me Write My Rhymes(Nope)
Aint Nan Nigga Pay For My Studio Time(Naw)
See Me At The Top Wanna Claim My Fame(Damnn)
Nigga Took My Chain Ya Muthafuckin Right(Right)
U Betta Off Sayin A Nigga Took My Life(Yaaa)
Ya Wanna Sasinate My Character But I Aint Actin(Eyyyy)
It Aint Addin Up So U Niggas Subtractin(Chea)
Big Said It First Mo Money Mo Problems(Problems)
The Way I See It Mo Problems Mo Money(Eyyy)

I Got The Streets On Lock Atlanta On My Back
I Do It For Tha Hood U Gotta Problem Wit Dat
Real Niggas Alwayz Rap Shyt Easy
When I Speak These Niggas Belive Me Cuz Bitch Im Jeezy

(Verse 2:)
Eyes Wide Shut I Dont See Dese Niggas(No)
Cuz Deep N Ya Heart Ya Wanna B Me Nigga(Yaaaa)
Wanna Stand In My Shoes Wanna Fuck My Hoes(Eyy)
Wanna Live My Life Wanna Rock My Shows(Nooo)
Ya Young Punks Wit Cha Loose Ass Lips(Whew)
I Keep A A-R Wit Them Loose Ass Clips(Pow)
What Type Of Real Nigga Name Himself Afta A Bag(Huh?)
Nigga You's A Hoe A Louis Vuitton Fag(Haha)
My Name Aint Dick So Keep It Out Ya Mouth(Damnnn)
It Is What It Is Look I Am Tha South(Dat's Right)
Big Mack You Niggas Small Fries(Yaaaa)
U Just Anotha Nigga Im Mo Lyke A Franchize(Dats Wutsup)


(Verse 3:)
I Was Born In The Fields Raised In Atlanta
Pop Bust A Nut Years So I Waz Made In Atlanta
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