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• What You Talkin' Bout • | by Young Jeezy
When I Done It U Kno I Did It To Death
So Jus Sit Back N Hold Ya Breath
I Dont Kno Bout Dem I Really Ran These Streets
So Listen Up This Shyt Get Deep

(Verse 1:)
U Kno Im Smokin The Best I Aint Got To Brag
The Young Fly Nigga Wit Tha Georgia Swag
The Seats Swed So Is The Pipe
N Try Tell Minisota Show Us Tha Vikings
Inside So Soft Cant Belive Its Not Butter
Snowman Bitch Did I Stu Stu Studder
Came Straight From The Hood
Right To The Big Screen
The Way Da Boy Ball We'll Swear He Had Hoop Dreams
No Grants No Scholarships
Had To Make My Own Way I Still Stake Dem Chips
The Homie From The Block Put Me Down With Da Knowlege
Straight To Tha Pros Ya I Swerve Past College

(What U Talkin Bout) Livin My Life N Ima Get It All No Matter The Price
(Haha) When I Did It U Kno I Done It Da Best Sit Back Jus Hold Ya Breath(Jus Hold Ya Breath)
(What U Talkin Bout) Changin The Game In Show U How These Rappin Ass Niggas Is Lames
(Eyyyyy) When I Did It U Kno I Done It Da Best Sit Back Jus Hold Ya Breath(Jus Hold Ya Breath)

(Verse 2:)
They Say Da Blacker The Berry The Sweeter The Juice
I Say The Blacker The Rims The Sweeter The Coupe(Whew Echooo)
The Money Goes Out That Sack Comes In(Innnn)
I Cant Even Lie I Do It All Again(Yaaaaaaaa)
I Flip The Rap Game Jus Like The Work(Eyyyyy)
And It Was Snow White Jus Like My Shirt
Counted So Much Paper Seen So Many Haterz(Naw)
Seen Bricks Stacked Tall Az Sky Scrapers(Damnnnn)
God Damn Dats High(Yaaa)
Done Everything I Said So I Am That Fly(That's Right)
Every Dude Waz A Troop Tell Me Who Came Realer
The Word On The Street Is That Im Still That Nigga


(Verse 3:)
Between Luv N Hate Theres A Thin Azz Line
I Think We All Can Agree Last Summer Waz Mine
N If Ya Dont Say My Name Den U Wastin Ya Tyme
N If I Dont Rub My Watch Then Im Wastin My Shine
Spend A Hundred On A Homie Den Sit Tha Time
A Few Mill Before The Deal In Im Still On Da Grind
The Cridits Criditsize Me Cuz A Nigga Talkin Yay
I Aint Suga Coatin Shyt This Is Who I Am
Nigga U Been To Da "A"Seen Me Makin It Rain
Seen It Wit Ya Own Eyes U Kno Dis Shit Aint A Game
So U Niggas Listen Closely To What Im Sayin
If Ya Game Aint Money Den I Aint Playin

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