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• Word Play • | by Young Jeezy
I'm way too intelligent
To play with my intelligence
What u tryna say?
What I'm sayins not relevant?
I still represent
Cause I'm a representa
[? ] for a 9 pc chicken dinner
Young boss right back like a rubberband
Bought a whip "look ya'll, no hands"
"stop this nonsense where's your roof? "
All dis nonsense, there's no use
Married to the game yea we just got eloped
Depending on the shipment we might need a boat
I'm talking big money anybody any on the case
Yea we switched up the status now we on to the states

U niggas want word play
But I'm bout bird play
1st of them month, yea we call that bird day
Just look at em' fly (hey) (repeat)
U niggas want word play
But I'm bout bird play
3rd of the month, yea we call that bird day
Just look at em' fly (hey) (repeat)

It just a waste with all hip hop
Young killed hip hop?
"Don't you know this dumb nigga still talkin crack rocks"
Got everybody followin that makes him a leader
And he got to get endicted just to make u a believer
If that's that case then I really do apologize
That I memorize
And I fantasize
Then I visualize
And I strategize
One false move will get your ass penalized
Nigga you can't be serious
What if pac was hearin this
"You bullshittin me? "
I'm sure biggie would agree
If he had to pass the torch, then that bitch'll go to me
Now wouldn't you agree? does it matter? I accept?


Have you ever see a blue rolls go on the black grass?
Nigga go broke in investin a black mask
Entrepreneur he found him a new crack
A round of applause congratulate that nigga
Cause when he get rich they gon hate that nigga
They gon try they best to try n break that nigga

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